Picking you up from Schiphol

Do you wish to be picked up from Schiphol  Airport and taken back to Haarlem and its surroundings? As soon as you have left the plane you can phone us on the following number: 023-8700700. We will then ensure that one of our taxis is at Schiphol within 30 minutes. We kindly request you to call us directly after landing, as we do not keep flight data because of the possibility of delays.

Pick-up procedures
1. You phone us on number 023-8700700
2. We send a taxi or a taxi bus (if you are with 5 persons or more) to Schiphol.
3. The taxi will be in front of the departures hall 3 and the driver will contact you by phone (have your cell phone ready for communication).
4. You can board immediately and continue your journey home.