Business transport

Business meetings such as dinners, meetings, and other business appointments may require you to travel. Under the flag of VIP and direction transport, Taxi 023 Haarlem offers you a very unique and attractive transportation mode. With formally dressed and knowledgeable drivers, Taxi 023 is happily at your disposal. The comfortable car with detailed route planning will take you to your appointment safely and punctually. Of course, this taxi service also extends beyond the Dutch borders.

Regional transport

We can come to you with a taxi on short notice. Taxi 023 Haarlem offers a quick and flexible service. You can expect us to be available at the agreed time. As a taxi firm, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors in the fields of quality, safety, and customer-friendliness. Our drivers are well-trained and have extensive knowledge about the Haarlem area. Our cars are equipped with all possible conveniences. You will be taken to your destination safely and comfortably.

Group transport

A day out, a school trip or a staff outing? When it comes to group transport, you can also rely on Taxi 023 Haarlem. There are various options for making your group transport as pleasant as possible. Do you have any special wishes? Do contact us through our website or by telephone or e-mail.

Private chauffeur

Do you have to travel from A to B on a regular basis and do you prefer one regular driver? How about your own private chauffeur? Taxi 023 Haarlem offers you the option of having your own private chauffeur. Our drivers are very customer-friendly, professional, and representative. Our drivers have completed a basic training as a taxi driver. In addition to this basic training, our drivers have also been trained in social skills and know how to handle aggression. Our drivers always appear at your door dressed in a suit and will gladly open the door for you.

Customised transport

For a pleasant day or night out we have a tailor-made solution for you. Usually, the motto is ‘out together, home together’, but who’s driving? Who is, after a long day, still able to bring everyone home safely? The answer to that question is very simple: Taxi 023 Haarlem! Taxi 023 Haarlem provides transport throughout the Netherlands. No problems with issues such as who’s driving, parking, et cetera. In addition, everyone arrives at their destination at the same time. Do you need customised transport? Please contact us to see what we can do for you. Discuss your wishes and needs with us.

Courier services

In addition to taxi services, Taxi 023 Haarlem also offers a courier service. Do you have parcels that have to be brought from A to B quickly? We can arrange this for you. By working scrupulously, we deliver everything in the original state. The size of the products transported may vary. Are you curious to know if we can transport your products? Please contact us to discuss the options.

Care transport

Do you need to go to medical appointments at, for instance, the hospital or your GP on a regular basis? Taxi 023 Haarlem takes you to your appointment safely and timely. For those needing transport, we offer customised care transport. No more need to be stressed about the question of whether you will arrive at your important appointments on time. We can get you there and back.

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